As I mentioned on the home page, my mind opened to holistic living 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I felt so much pressure to make the right decisions for him that I researched all.the.things! Back then, the availability of information on the internet was not as available as it is today. There was no Facebook or Instagram full of people sharing alternative options or lifestyles. My mama instinct was naturally cautious on subjects like vaccinations and circumcision. I read what I could, talked to pediatricians and ultimately settled on an alternative schedule for my son. Sadly, in talking to the pediatricians I did not receive full informed consent and was made to feel silly for asking questions. Even sadder, my son was vaccine injured. This fueled my research and our lifestyle changes. It doesn't all happen at once, it can be gradual and that is OK! Know better, Do better;-) 
I have a degree in Accounting and years of experience in HR and Accounting. My sons needs came to a point where I could not work in an office away from him any longer. So I found an Office Management job that would offer the flexibility that I needed. Worked there for three years and although I was so thankful for this job and the ability it gave me to provide for my son in multiple ways, I decided that I needed to follow my passion. I went to school to become an Esthetician, knowing that I would focus on holistic or natural skincare. Our skin is our largest detox organ, plus I would learn all about how to escape the signs of aging...win win !  Three years later, an account I followed on IG was talking about Integrative Health Practitioner courses and certifications... It sparked my interest immediately! I signed up the next day for the two certification levels available... I felt like it was meant to be, perfect timing and perfectly aligned! I have completed Level 1, which allows me to start helping clients as a Board Certified IHP, and am working to complete Level 2. Six months later I came across information for a University level Integrative Health and Ayurveda Wellness degree... This must be the universe telling me I am on the right path right?!? Without reservation I started the application process. Application, questionnaire, two essays and an interview later I was accepted. I am currently working toward completing my BS and MA in Integrative Health and Ayurveda Wellness. I then plan to pursue earning my PhD in Physiology.
Through my experiences helping my son regain his health, implementing lifestyle changes for my family and I and continuing my education, I feel called to help others in this health space. It is a very personal space to me and I strive to get the best results possible. It can be a stressful and isolating experience when you feel lost in bad health. Whatever that looks like for you, there is a root cause and a solution! Symptoms are not to be covered up with a prescription that comes along with its own set of effects on the body, but to be listened to and understood. Symptoms are your body telling you it can no longer compensate for whatever imbalance it is experiencing. Together, we can work to get your health and life balance back on track! Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about my journey, I hope to help you on yours.
Hugs~ Kristin